Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Round n' round n' round you go...

Today was an abysmal day for me. I felt it coming last night, but I was not expecting to be hit as hard as I was. When I woke in the morning, I was hit with vertigo. I learned the hard way that I was fully immersed in vertigo when I got out of bed and immediately fell to my left and to the floor. For those unaware, vertigo is chronic dizziness. When experiencing vertigo, your body loses sense of which way is "UP." As I settled in for my slow-motion adventure of the day, I was able to pin-point that my body thought that "LEFT" was "UP."

For someone that has never experienced prolonged dizziness and vertigo, it can be a bit difficult to understand. To better understand the feelings and sensations, try holding yourself on a rope at different angles. At each of these angles, you will notice a weird feeling as your body tries to tell you to correct yourself. Hold yourself so that the left side of your body is pointing toward the sky; that is how I am feeling right now, except that no matter which way I turn or lay down my body still thinks that the left side of my body is in the up position. This obviously causes me great anguish and limits my mobility. I cannot walk without assistance and I find that I must prop myself so that I don't fall to the left.

I have been experiencing vertigo since I was young and have been unable to pin point the cause. I can only assume my recent trips coupled with an inability to sleep and early 5am rise on Monday contributed to my current predicament. I would really love to hear if others have had to deal with vertigo, how they have managed, and if anyone has found a cause for it. I know that I do not have peripheral vertigo, which is caused by the ears. I can hold my neck and back of head and alleviate the vertigo, which leads me to believe I experience central vertigo.


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