Monday, August 13, 2012

Chronically Malnourished

Our food sustains our bodies. If our bodies cannot process that food, then we become malnourished, get sick and waste away. This series of thoughts is very prevalent in IBD. Everyone "knows" that in the past my Crohn's has kept me from absorbing nutrients thus causing a downward spiral into flare-ups and pain. I am at a point that I am questioning this paradigm. I am asking myself, "What if the entire reason I have Crohn's Disease is because of the fact that I have been chronically malnourished my entire life?"

In the past century, our foods have become processed more and more. Everything is overcooked, extruded, or stripped down to a singular defined purpose. Our original foods were synergistic containing many natural nutrients that worked together in our bodies well. When we destroy most of the nutritional merit of our food through processing, it means we must eat that much more just to get a base minimum in order to survive. Couple this with the added artificial vitamins and minerals that our bodies cannot process as well as their natural counterparts, and we have an issue.

I remember growing up and always having soda, sugar, and other boxed confections continually throughout a given day. Eating this way for so long, and being told by the governing bodies that it is okay, would have depleted so much of my bodies resources and capacity.

I am going to see what happens. My body is a bank for vitamins, minerals, and energy and I currently have little to no savings.


  1. Hi Richard,

    I suffered with Crohn's Disease for many years too. In 1998, while being taken to the hospital, I died in an ambulance from vomiting.

    Fortunately, the EMT's re-started my heart so I could write this comment.

    Our foods today are a mind-field when it comes to nutrition.

    I learned the hard way. So I strictly used the Vegan Diet to heal my Crohn's. And I have no more flare-ups at all.

    At first I used broths and fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify and cleanse my body. Now, I can eat any healthy plant food and I feel like I'm 16 again. And I'm 53 years old!

    All organic and NON-GMO is the best foods to look for to eat. These are what me and my family eat.

    I give all the credit to the GOD of all flesh, the lovely King Jesus, who healed me from this stupid illness.

    I would like to remember you in prayer, Richard, that I may present your name before Dear Jesus for your healing and restoration of your body - just like He did for His best friend, Lazarus.

    God Bless you my friend.

    1. I appreciate your comments, Steve. Unfortunately, being a vegan is not the thing for my body. It is not that I cannot mentally be a vegan, it is that my body is not made to be a vegan. I was vegan for one year of my life (1998). My body is not the agrarian-type, and my health actually got worse. My body does not deal well with fiber, no matter how much I try to push fiber on it -- as is evidenced by my flares caused by too much broccoli. I LOVE MY VEGGIES, but they do not love me.

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