Monday, July 9, 2012

Pain and Discomfort

As I get older, I expect to feel more pain and discomfort. Why wouldn't I expect this? I hear so many people older than me complaining about how their joints ache, how this body part is not working, or how that body part is always in pain. I got to thinking today and something dawned on me, I have been experiencing these minor aches and pains my entire life and they are the same things that people complain about later in life. The joint pains have been plaguing me since I was 15. My knees still hurt if I sit wrong too long.

At the age of 15, I had the body of a a 45 year old. That is amazing. The pains haven't gone away nor gotten worse, per se. They have remained consistent so long as I keep myself on a proper diet and moving. It does get me to thinking further, though; if people whine this much about such innocuous and minimal things, how would they ever handle what we feel with Crohn's? It's no wonder so many people think we can take a pill and feel better. Many people's worst pain barely compares to our base living conditions.

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