Thursday, July 5, 2012


I hate the fact that I experience insomnia. For the past two weeks my sleep schedule has been completely ruined. I am rather happy today, though, due to the fact that I was actually able to sleep through the night. I still haven't figured out why it happens, but I am still trying. The insomnia wouldn't be such a bother if I didn't have Crohns. I would just use the extra hours to be productive.

The issue with insomnia is that it tends to coincide with blockages. For some reason, the lack of sleep causes my intestine to stop functioning at optimum capacity, and I have experienced pain already. Luckily I have learned from past experience to switch to a low residue diet with minimal overall food intake. Not only do I get to feel an unending sleeplessness, but I also get to feel continually famished since I refuse to eat my fill. Just another reason that I must be ever vigilant even though I am technically in remission.

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