Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Typical Breakfast

I don't know why people have such difficulty eating fruit and cheese for breakfast. Throw in some plain yogurt and breakfast is awesome. I try to stay away from processed cheese goods and stick with natural, block cheeses as they don't give me the issues that the processed cheeses supply in abundance. The block cheese can be a tad more salty, but it goes well with the fruit. I will add in some yogurt when eating the saltier varieties.


  1. uf.. i couldn't eat such a breakfast... the fruit would really boost my crohns symptoms.
    just goes to show you that it reacts with everyone differently...

  2. There was a point that this would have caused me great pains. Many years I couldn't eat any hard, fibrous, or seed-filled fruits and veggies. Once I removed the di- and polysaccharides, though, I found after several months I was able to start tolerating these items in smaller quantities.

  3. SO true.. same with me now, I noticed that I can eat whatever I want. BUT if in the past a certain food used to bother me, then all I would do is eat it but in really small quantities... I would eat fruit, but very little, maybe one or two times a week.

    Broccoli doenst really bother me, but too much tomato sauce does (the spaghetti sauce).

    I also noticed that eating the same food daily affects us.

    Like lets say a small box of Yogurt with fruit?
    If I had that everyday after lunch (as my desert) then the diarrhea kicked in. But if I had it just 3 times a week, then my body would tolerate it much more. Same goes for cereal+milk or chocolate... even juices (orange or cranberry etc.)

    I tend not to have the same breakfast everyday. Each day its something different so that my body doesn't reject it the 2nd or 3rd day/time.
    Maybe it's just me...

  4. Those items seem like they have di- and polysaccharides. I stay away from flavored yogurts and anything with sugar, maltodextrin, or high-fructose corn syrup. I noticed a MARKED improvement. And no dairy that doesn't have its own bacteria.

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