Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pain

On Sunday, I finally got to bed at 1am.  I was then woke up at 530am on Monday morning.  By 2pm on Monday, I was feeling the changes in my belly.  I could tell that the lack of sleep was having an ill effect on me.  I could feel ripples of subtle pain as they moved through my mid-section.  It is amazing how nuanced and idiosyncratic pain feels to me now.  In the beginning, it all just felt like pain.  Now, the type of pain tells me what I have to do to move forward and to keep from getting sucked in to that whirlpool leading to a full-blown flair-up.

I drank lots of water, stayed away from edible contraband, and got through the day.  I think I finally passed out at some point between 10pm and 11pm on Monday.  I woke-up 12 hours later feeling a hell of a lot better.  Even feeling better, I was not back in full form.  I am always amazed at the quick descent into, and the very slow climb out, of this whirlpool.

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