Sunday, April 10, 2011


Exercise is a really tricky thing for me. In the long run, I know that keeping up an exercise regimen will only benefit me. The issue is with the here and now. As with everything else in my life, there is a precarious balance that I must strike between an active and a sedentary life. It is very easy for me to overexert myself; and the overexertion has nothing to do with how sore my muscles with be the next day. For some reason, too much activity causes inflammation to set in. This means that I have to stop long before I ever get tired or sore. The effects are more pervasive with cardiovascular exercise as compared with any form of weight training -- not a good thing for my heart.

Since my major surgery back in 2001, I have been studying my body's reaction to just about everything I do. In that ten-year span, I have also let myself gain some weight. While I weighed about 100lbs in 2001, I now weight about 195lbs in 2011. I had no issues letting the weight add on, I just looked far too sickly back then -- and it's nice to have a "battery" to fall back on when a flare-up occurs and keeps my body from absorbing anything I put into it. I think that I am at that point where I can start exercising in a more routine manner. I am slowly adding sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups into the exercise that I perform. I am taking the stairs when they are available and walking a lot more, in general. I am hoping that layering on additional items over a long period will help me overcome the propensity for a flare-up as has happened in the past.

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