Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am not a big drinker. I never have been and I doubt I ever will be. Going beyond the fact that I don't like most cheap brands of liqueur or beer, I have also come to despise the Crohn's side affects that come along with imbibing. The biggest factor for me is hydration. My body needs a lot of water (without sugars or salts) in order to remain in working order. The less water in my system, the more likely I am to have a flair-up. Alcohol, in it's myriad forms, tends to dehydrate any normal person. I think you can see where I am heading with this.

I have relegated myself to one or two drinks on any given day for this reason. If I go over that number, then I am able to feel my insides starting to bind and swell. God forbid I drink more than once every four days as I will again go into a downward spiral.

Going beyond quantity and timing, the type of alcohol also plays a big part. Does it have dairy? Excess sugar? Additional fat? A higher alcohol content? Certain ingredients that could be considered contraband to my already compromised system? This is a lot of thought going into something that is supposed to be relaxing, social, and fun.

It's a good thing that I don't like sweet drinks that much since refined sugars tend to take a greater toll on me; but that's another article.

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